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Quick version comparison

This page tries to show the differences between CMSimple SE 2010 and CMSimple XH 1.1.2 on which it is based.

The following functions have been added to or changed in CMSimple SE 2010c:

  • FCKEditor replaced with CKEditor
Initial height of 500px. Images and Download Links fixed for multilanguage websites. Changed the default  theme a little bit to make it less colorful
  • TinyMCE - Fixed some issues
  • openWYSIWYG - Fixed some issues
  • Small changes to Svarrer's gallery
  • Small changes to "Images" and "Downloads" - Now with "one-click-delete"
  • Menumanager updated to latest version

The following functions have been added to or changed in CMSimple SE 2010b:

  • TinyMCE Editor included - With filemanager and now multi language compatible!
  • openWYSIWYG Editor included - With image manager and now multi language compatible!
  • Svarrer's gallery included - Now with CAPTCHA
  • Quick Editor Switch - Switch fast between OEdit, tinyMCE and FCKeditor
  • Template manager - Upload / Delete / Preview / Activate Templates
  • Simple Menu manager - Lets you easily create, move and delete pages. Now supports up to 6 Menulevels
  • Enhanced mailform - Now with more input fields and CAPTCHA
  • The guestbook is back - Now with CAPTCHA
  • Image resize - Converts large JPEG images on upload
  • Plugin manager - Organize your Plugins
  • Backup manager - Restore Backups with one click & keep the "good ones"
  • New look for the admin-panel - Icons instead of links / Easy to add your own
  • Download counter - Counts all downloads from your site
  • Save notice - Reminds you to save when leaving oEdit without saving
  • Search suggestions plugin included - Shows hints while typing into the searchbox

CMSimple SE 2010c