Thank you for installing CMSimple SE 2010c based on CMSimple_XH 1.1.2

Default login is 'test' ('admin'/'test' if security type is wwwaut)

Remember to change login under settings.

Please read about File permissions and Security issues in the FAQ-section of www.cmsimple-xh.de

CMSimple SE is an easy-to-use and easy-to-install Content Management System (CMS) without the need for a database.

CMSimple SE stores all the content in one single html-file (content.htm). The headings H1-H3 are used to split the content.htm into single pages from where also the navigation is generated. By standard the menu contains three levels. The headings H4-H6 can be used as Headlines  to structurize the content within the single pages.

The number of menu-levels can increased or decreased via the configuration.

There is a lot of information all around the web in different languages about CMSimple.

Here are some usefull links (will be opened in a new window or tab):

CMSimple SE is an OpenSource-Project. You can use it for free under the GPL3-licence.

CMSimple SE 2010c